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reloadable card

Loaded with possibilities, this is a simple, secure and a convenient way to manage your funds. Since, this is not associated with any banks, you do not need to worry about the hassle of filling out forms, opening an account or any other long tiring process.

If you’re considering getting a reloadable debit card here are a few important things to know, including how they differ from regular bank debit cards.


MyVanilla Cards allows you to add money to your card’s balance periodically, which you then can spend as needed. These are cards you can use to make purchases. They are available at grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores and other retailers.

The major difference between a debit card issued by a bank and MyVanilla reloadable card is that, these are not linked to your bank account. When you use your debit card, the money directly goes or comes out of your bank account whereas, MyVanilla card limits you to the money you have loaded on to it.

vanilla visa card


  • Convenience– It is an easy alternative for people who do not have a bank account or for people who do not prefer to carry cash everywhere.
  • Control- It helps you keep a track of your spending capacity and keeps you and your over-expenditure in control. If you’re a parent, it is a great tool to teach your teen kids the value of money and controlling expenses.
  • Credit– There are no negative credit effects of using this card since there are no debts involved.


1. VanillaDirect Load

Add cash to your card quickly with VanillaDirect Load. With thousands of locations nationwide, it is easy to find a VanillaDirect Load retailer nearby.

Buy a My Vanilla Card Reload
  • Use the Money Network locator to find a participating reload location.
    • Bring your funds to a location near you to purchase a Vanilla Reload found in the Reloadable Prepaid Card section of the display.
    • Load your prepaid card or online account using the secure PIN on the back of the Vanilla Reload.
Load Directly at the Register
  • Use the Money Network locator to find a participating reload location.
    • Bring your prepaid card and money to the register at a location near you and present your card to the cashier to add funds to your prepaid card.
    • The cashier will ring up the sale and load your funds directly to your prepaid card.

2. Walmart Rapid Reload

My vanilla card reload is easy at Walmart. At participating locations, you can load cash directly to your MyVanilla Card at the register. Visit participating Walmart locations to swipe, load and go.

Swipe Reload with Cash
  • At participating Walmarts, a cashier will swipe your card to add cash directly to your card.
Swipe Reload with a Check
  • Use your prepaid card and pre-printed payroll or government check at any register except self-check-out register at Walmart.

3. Free Direct Deposit

  • Automatically load your payroll, government benefits or tax return to your MyVanilla Card.
  • No need to stand in long ques to reload the card.
  • Saves time, gets your funds faster.


free direct load


Bank DependencyCan be linked to only specific business brands and can be used only there.Can be used at any store or place of business.
LimitationsLimits you to the amount you have loaded in the card.Allows you to spend the sum you have on the associated bank account.
Specific UseCan be issued as a gift card and a voucher as well.Does not apply on this.
Reuse Once you run out of the loaded funds, you can reload it with more cash at any time.Can be used as long as the cardholder maintains the bank account that the card is associated with.
CostFree of cost, obliged to pay a monthly fee in some cases with differs from one card issuer to the other.Free of cost, obliged to pay a monthly fee in some cases which differs from one bank to the other.


  • MyVanilla reloadable & debit card is not the same as a debit card is linked to your bank account whereas the other is not.
  • MyVanilla Reloadable debit card allows you to add money to them as needed.
  • It has consumer protections in case your card is lost or stolen and used to make unauthorized charges. 

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